THE HANGING JUDGE by Michael Ponsor


The novel is the first fictional portrayal of a contemporary death penalty trial seen from the viewpoint of the judge, and indeed is written by a U.S. Federal Judge. Michael Ponsor presided over the first capital trial in Massachusetts in over fifty years (not the fictional case here), and this and his other judicial experiences give him a unique ability to tell this story with authenticity.

Michael A. Ponsor takes readers into the courtroom and beyond, presenting with great sensitivity the points of view of the defendant and his wife; the victims’ families; law enforcement officers; witnesses; and the judge who, while still coming to terms with the death of his wife, begins a relationship with a woman he is not sure he can trust.

“Novels have shown us what it’s like to be a juror, an attorney, even the defendant, but this is the first I’ve read that puts us upon the bench – a knowing, nuanced portrait of a judge and the often imperfect system he watches over.”  Joseph Kanon

“Michael Ponsor has written that rare gem: a crackling court procedural with authentic characters and beautiful prose. I adored this book.” Anita Shreve

If you would like more information, please take a look at this excellent book trailer from Open Road. 


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