HUMANS OF NEW YORK by Brandon Stanton


Brandon came to New York two years ago, at age 26, an amateur street photographer with the idea of creating what he calls “a visual census” of the five boroughs: A map of photographs that would illustrate the texture of the varied neighborhoods of the city in human terms. But the project took a different turn when he began posting the photos on facebook and a dialogue started with fans from around the world. Then it changed from a census to a tapestry—and huge numbers of people find inspiration, understanding, solace and joy in their engagement with the individual faces and images.

Brandon is a very gifted and popular photographer. His book is not about New York. It is about the various, colorful individuals of New York City. Flipping through this book is truly an unforgettable experience.

HUMANS OF NEW YORK will be a beautifully designed book that will capture the amazing heart and humanity of the project and be a keepsake for its very devoted fans—while drawing in new fans among book buyers. As Brandon says, this project is ‘more human than it is New York.’ Only about one fifth of his fans are New Yorkers—the rest come from around the country, and from around the world. In fact, there are now over 100 copycat sites that have created their own version of Brandon’s concept (including Humans of Rome, Humans of London, Humans of Paris, Humans of Tel Aviv...). Watch this video for a nice collection of pictures. 


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